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We have all been put on this Planet for a Reason and a Purpose. Sometimes we find that reason through love or affection of a certain Art or Talent and sometimes our Purpose is defined by our Passion for making a difference in peoples’ Lives.

At one point in time, we decide to make that Mission and Purpose timeless and to leave our Message as a Legacy for generations to come.

To YOU the AUTHORS we want you to know that the Gift you have been given, needs to be shared with the world and we want to share that light for you.

“The Meaning of Life is to Find Your Gift, the Purpose of Life is to Give it Away.” – William Shakespeare

The Gift of The Universe Book Series

The Gift of the Universe Book Series Brought to you by

The Global Mentoring, Coaching and Publishing Center Inc.

& Mind Spirit Works Publishing



The Gift of the Universe Through Women That Lead

Publication Date March 8, 2021 (International Women Day)

The Gift of the Universe Through Financial Planners

Publication Date August 14, 2021 (Financial Awareness Day)


Natalie McQueen is GMCP’s Book Publishing and Marketing Expert, Founder of Gifts of Legacy, International Bestselling Author, the Create Your Legacy Speaker and Coach. She has a background in finance, marketing, and sales and is a Certified Mindset

Mastery Coach from the Global Mentoring, Coaching, and Publishing Center Inc.

Natalie and the GMCP team have effective methods to support and guide authors to showcase their knowledge and specialty through book publishing, becoming a bestselling author, and implementing the right combination of marketing strategies, and tools to create long term consistent book sales.

Natalie’s powerful marketing techniques have demonstrated success by bringing over 150 authors to the #1 International Bestseller rankings over the past 5 years.

Through her company Gifts of Legacy, Natalie has created a one-of-a-kind system that guides people to preserve their life experiences and stories through video, recorded voice, and Legacy Book Publishing. Natalie coaches them to formulate their traditions, wisdom, and expertise in a way that will touch the lives for future generations..

Natalie McQueen was born and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada. She now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her amazing husband Steve of 28 years and her two beautiful daughters Taylor 24, and Kayla 21.

Orly Amor always enjoyed speaking and helping people change their lives and impact their circle of influence wherever they go.

Orly dedicated her life to impacting the lives of 200,000,000 people by helping them realize their own mission-based goals and dreams. Her extensive experience as a Certified Behavioral Analyst has made her indispensable as a coach to many influential corporate leaders.

In addition to being a great public speaker herself, and a great networker for the past ten years, she has helped Public Speakers and Entrepreneurs create their Business Model for Public Speaking. Her gift is to show them how to monetize their craft by taking it seriously and having what she calls “Business in A Box for Public Speakers.” Thereby teaching them how to fish.

Orly recently Published a Book called ‘Public Speakers, You’re Not All That’s – 12 Reasons Why Event Planners Won’t Hire You, that became an instant Bestseller.

Orly Amor has an MBA and a Law Degree. An International Public Speaker, Bestselling Author, Founder of SPEAKERS & EXPERTS Magazine & Directory, President & CEO of The Global Mentoring, Coaching & Publishing Center Inc., Business Coach for Public Speakers, Founder, and CEO of the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce Corporation Inc.

Snehal R. Singh is an 8X Best Selling Author, Founder & Publisher - Mind Spirit Works, Abundance Strategist & International Speaker.

Her intention is to inspire and help as many writers and authors to get their books out and published.

Snehal has helped more than 250 authors - write & publish their books.

She has created multiple best-selling book series so far - like "The Shakti Awakening", "Coach Wisdom" and "The Ca111ng".

As the founder of Mind Spirit Works, Snehal is a brand in herself and is known for her work in the publishing, coaching, and writing field.

Mind Spirit Works LLC

MSW Publishing is to help Authors - Write~ Publish ~ Flourish. We make self-publishing easy for you.

We have published more than 35 books so far with a 100% Best Selling rate and helped more than 200 authors write their first book.

MSW is known for its co-authored series and helping authors create a brand.